Friday, October 14, 2011

October Sponsors

There's an amazing line-up of sponsors for you today, including some wonderful bloggers and talented artists. Be sure to check them all out!

"Hi everyone ^_^ I'm Clare from Borderline! My little blog is going through some changes this month - it's getting a little face lift and I'm introducing giveaways to say thank you to everyone who has followed my ramblings recently! I'm working on introducing a few new permanent fixtures into my blogging, such as nerdy reviews of books, films and games and I'll also be asking you guys to help me out with a little movie club feature soon :) Come have a look!"

blog - shop (currently unavailable)

"Hey there. I'm Kate from Kate's Irrelevant, where I blog about pretty bits and pieces and things that make me happy. I like sharing lovely tattoos, DIY's, fun interviews with fellow bloggers and much more. Pop by and say hello sometime;)"

"I'm pleased to announce that my Robblin One-pieces are now in the shop! And they are all screen printed by me!! Now your wee-one can sport these cute little beasts with style. Be sure to check them out and thank you for all of your support."

"I'm Amy from A is for Ampersand--a place where cat ladies go for moral support and where people love their sewing machines more than any human interaction. I am a firm believer in the magical powers of thrifting and show my thrifting wizardry every Thursday in my $5 Thrifty Thursday posts. If you believe thrifting cures all the world's evils, too, then come on over!"

"Hello, my name is Rachell. I blog about photography and life as such an artist in the Pacific Northwest. I love nature and food and nearly everything in between. But who isn't still learning? Stop by and check it out for inspiration and tips, say hello too, I love chatting with new readers!"

And the Giraffe is an amazing new band! Their dream-folk will have you hooked in no time. You should really download their EP, it's even available for free! Also, be sure to check out the interview they did here on Blue Eyed Night Owl!

Apart from continueing her amazing blogposts, Sara has also launched a fall/winter line in her shop. Definitely worth checking out! And don't forget to check out her latest giveaway!

Ryan Myers' art is amazing! If you love pretty art that's creepy yet cute. A lot of the paintings are childhood reminiscent, but with a bit of an edge. Prins and originals are currently available on Etsy.

With the holidays getting closer and closer, you might want to think about adopting one of Kasia's adorable little animals. They'll be sure to make someone smile and I think they'll make for a very special gift.


Thanks to all the lovely sponsors!

If you'd like to sponsor Blue Eyed Night Owl as well you can check out the details here.


  1. I´ll check these out!

    Thanks - she´s a adorable little dog and a true friend to my boys. Loves to play with them and cuddle with me, couldn´t get any better. :-)

  2. Hello October sponsors!
    Laura is a wonderful blog host & I'm sure you will enjoy your time sponsoring the blog; I know I did!

    xo Amy

  3. All your sponsors look amazing! I will def be checking them out.


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