Friday, October 7, 2011

Lovely Movies: Rail Truck

This past weekend I visited a Japanese film festival. There were all sorts of movies being showed, but naturally I went for the one that had a Japanese brunch up front. The sushi was kind of gross, but the tempura was really good(though you'd expect it the other way around, right?), either way it was lovely. And they even sold some lovely merchandise.

Anyway I figured Japanese food+Japanese movie=probably something I'll like. Normally I wouldn't be drawn to a film with the name "Rail Truck" but I read the synopsis and thought it might actually be good.

It was fantastic!

What I probably loved the most is that you really grow to love everyone. At first I didn't really feel any connection to the two little boys, but over the course of the movie I found myself beginning to really care about them. Especially the older one, who started out being glued to his nintendo, but in the end did some pretty lovely things for his brother.

It's one of those movies that makes you feel like you were actually there, that when you walk out of the cinema you feel like you actually came out of the airport. If ever you can, I suggest you watch it!


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