Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hannah's Spiderweb Cookie Tutorial

Hannah from Made By My Rabbit made you all a cute, easy and delicious tutorial. And it's perfect for Halloween too.

Hi there, Here is my biscuit recipe for scary spiderweb cakes!!!

It is not a fancy thing. Basically whisk up a batch of sugar cookies or buy them!

A quick recipe is:

240g butter +180g sugar mix them together until fluffy. Then mix in a beaten egg. Add a couple of drops of vanilla essence. Mix in 280g plain flour until dough like. Then roll and cut out into cookies!!!

Then make some glaze icing. Take a cocktail stick and dip it into some food colouring. Dip it into the icing on the biscuit and draw a little spiders leg. Be careful not to use too much colouring as it will run.

And there you have it! Spider web biscuits!

Also, don't forget to check out Hannah's blog. She always has amazing tips and recipes, knows the most amazing illustrators and has a passion for adorable toy cameras.

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