Sunday, October 30, 2011

Clare's Sweet Mint Hot Chocolate

As it's getting colder, we can enjoy hot beverages again! Clare is sharing a delicious recipe with you, so you'll be prepared for winter, or to try already.

Sweet Mint Hot Chocolate

{source, but edited}

What you need for a warming drink before winter sets in:
50g of dark chocolate ❣ 250ml of milk ❣ a couple of hardboiled mint sweets (like Fox's Glacier mints or similar!) ❣ sugar!

What to do:

Bring the milk to boiling point in a pot and add one or two of the mint sweets, depending on how minty you'd like the drink to be. Stir on a high heat setting until the sweets melt and mix with the milk. ❣ Bring the heat down and grate the dark chocolate in until it melts ❣ Stir in some sugar to taste (you won't need too much as the sweets would help with sweetening!) ❣ Serve in a cute mug while wearing a thick knitted cowl and some mittens ;)

Alternatives : Instead of mint sweets, try clove or cinammon...or any hardboiled sweets! I highly recommend trying caramel and mint together!

You should also pop over to Clare's blog Borderline, as it's always filled with amazing posts! And if you haven't already, you would also want to check out the PhotoShop tutorial she did here earlier this month.


  1. This looks scrumptious Clare, thanks for sharing your recipe!

  2. oh goodness . . . fox's glacier mints are bringing a flood of memories back, Clare! I NEED to head to the international store to check their supply. maybe I can pick up a new cowl and mittens along the way ; ) sounds perfect!

  3. Aw I'm so glad you guys will enjoy this! It's one of my favourite hot drinks :3

  4. Really a nice hot chocolate definitely makes my day. Perfect!


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