Saturday, October 8, 2011


Don't Autumn and foxes pretty much go hand in hand? And they're both so pretty too!

I love the vintage feel of this print.

If you can actually manage to take your eyes off this adorable little girl and look at the rest, you'll find not only an amazing sweater, but also a gorgeous fox hat!

People make the most amazing laser cut jewelry! I just love these foxes:)

Threadless has t-shirts of almost everything you can think of, and they have the perfect fox shirt too.

Poken was, I think, quite a shortlived hype, but they sure look cute, don't they?

Apart from knitting and crocheting, I'm really looking forward to doing some embroidery or cross stitching to during Fall. Isn't this one the perfect inspiration?

Lately I've been crazy about brooches, and I would not mind adding this one to my collection!

This entire shop is amazing! And this print fits perfectly in today's post.

Andrea always has the cutest little animals on the cutest stuff. Including lots and lots of foxes. Isn't this mirror beautiful?


  1. Foxes are beautiful (: And they indeed fit perfectly with Autumn. Cute post!

  2. Aw, I love foxes, these are great finds!

  3. Absolutely lovely things, I would like all of them!

    Reminds me - I think I have a fox t-shirt somewhere, I will have to get it out!

  4. the embroidery is incredible and the first print looks very vintage. you could have fooled me and I like it : )

  5. I love foxes and basically every item on this post lol.

    xo Amber P.

  6. I;m so crazy about foxes this is making me more insane! Ahhh so pretty!


    by b and e


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