Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Owl Things Considered

One of my favorite clothing brands is Nümph. It's of great quality (and I believe even ecofriendly), needless to say I only buy it on sale. And though I don't get lucky often, I am the proud owner of two supercute cardigans.

Ok, to the point. To make them even more amazing: they regularly use owl patterns! Take a look at the amazing collection below. (Though the bottom one is for kids, I would so wear it!)


  1. I love the first one its great! I sent you a email with my post :)


  2. Wow, they really have some lovely owl prints to wear. I'd wear all of these, and yes, I'll wear the kid's one too please!

  3. I love owls too! The pun 'owl things considered' is fantastic. These are all really cute- I especially love the big pullover. :)


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