Wednesday, January 27, 2016

For Your Next Project: The Unusual Pear

My absolute favorite thing in the world is crafting (I'd even pick it over chocolate!), so I thought, why not blog about some amazing shops that sell beautiful supplies that can either up your crafting game or help you start a new hobby.

I'd like to kick this new series off with a shop called The Unusual Pear. It's a magical shop full of everything you need to make woven wall hangings. So that means tons of looms! And in lots of different shapes and sizes too. Also, I love that they are all flat, which means they take up extremely little space when stored. Clever, very clever indeed!

If you want to make a wall hanging absolutely from scratch, you can add an extra step and spin your own yarn with their roving and spindles. If not, you can buy your hand dyed/hand spun yarn at The Unusual Pear as well.

As I think I have two basic square looms somewhere in my mom's attic, I'm personally especially intrigued by the round looms and the adorable tiny ones! Also, I just wanted to add that all the looms and spindles are made of certified bamboo, so you can craft to your hearts desire without killing trees, yay! This shop looks fantastic!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mood & Music Mosaic

Take My Heart - Soko

It's starting to get a lot lighter, which I love! I still bundle up when I go outside, but it's so much nicer when there's a bit of sunshine. And even indoors it's a lot more inspiring. I might actually be able to take blog pictures again soon!

What are you up to, now you can actually see what you're doing again, haha?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Owl Things Considered

Well, here's a unique owl find I never thought I'd see. Although I've come across open display cases, I didn't expect to find a proper owl cabinet! Probably not super practical, but it looks like it would still be able to hold quite a bit. 

Now, it's obvious to people that visit my apartment that I am extremely fond of owls, but I haven't quite gone this far. Not that I think this would have been too far, per se… But a girl's got to draw the line somewhere, I suppose.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lovely Movies: Only Yesterday

Possibly the most realistic, calm and introspective Studio Ghibli movie out there, Only Yesterday tells the story of a twenty-something and her childhood. It's not exactly action-packed, but it's still fascinating to see this life unfold.

Taeko realizes she has been clinging to her childhood. As she's on vacation she finds herself flooded with memories of the optimistic innocence she used to have, as well as some more negative things that left their marks on her too.

Anyway, it's a lovely slice of life-ish coming of age story that shows you don't have to carry everything from your childhood into your adult life, that it's okay to let go of certain things and move on. And it shows it in a beautiful way!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Do Some Good in 30 Seconds :)

It's been getting a lot less attention than Bowie, but Alan Rickman's death personally upset me more. Anyway, not long before he passed he narrated this incredibly clever video that raises money for refugees just by having people watch a cute 30-second video of a tortoise eating a snack. I love this concept and urge you all to take a look!

Also, back to Alan Rickman… if you feel the need to see his face or hear that amazing voice again, and are looking for an amazing -yet somehow little known- film of his. Definitely check out Snow Cake, which I blogged about two years back.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Owl Things Considered

The dark days of winter are perfect for burning candles. It instantly makes for a cozy atmosphere. Recently I've mostly been using holders I DIYed, but I also really like the look of this little woodland candle holder from ModCloth.

There are so many animals hidden in this design! And the overall look seems very papercut-esque to me. Anyway, I think it's a very classy way to sneak some cute critters into a more mature or sophisticatedly decorated house.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mood & Music Mosaic

Lavender - Ray LaMontagne

Hello again! I'm getting to the part of my flu where I can do things that go slightly beyond pressing buttons on the remote control every now and then. Also, I just got my new Ray LaMontagne cd! So things are slowly looking up!

What's new with you? Oh, and let me know if you have any ingenious winter-survival tips!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Plans & Goals: 2016

Before I get all serious, can we just take a moment to admire my new pen and planner combo? I got the pen for Christmas and it happened to perfectly match the little planner I had already gotten for myself. Aren't they cute?!

Anyway, in 2015 I sprouted just a few grey hairs and found I could suddenly stand the taste of wine. I know I must have accomplished something, but mostly I just feel that some time has passed and that I'm turning into more of a grown-up. And I definitely have some mature plans for 2016. Mainly I want to be very efficient. But I also want to have fun, and I think the first could leave more room for me to do the latter! So here are a few of those goals:

  • Get some art up on my walls. I know it'll make me so happy!
  • Make some sort of cute creature. Huge shiny eyes, fake fur, maybe some clay or needlefelting...
  • Finish that art studio room... so I can finally start using it. Finally.
  • Draw more. I've been doing Zentangles, but I want to develop some more figurative skills again too.
  • Start an art journal. I have something at the ready, now I just need to start.
  • Have fun with outfits again. Because it feels nice to look nice.
  • Figure out how to make, edit and upload videos. Oh, the possibilities!
  • Travel somewhere again. I haven't left the country in two years. Time to change that!
  • And give the blog a makeover. I still like this look, but I feel like changing things up.

I want to wish you a very happy 2016! Did you make any plans or resolutions?
And what was your favorite thing about last year?


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