Saturday, October 29, 2011

Picket Line Review

If you're quite unfamiliar with them and you hear the words "comic books" or "graphic novels", you might jump to the conclusion that they are either for kids or are only about "good guys and bad guys". But more often that not, that's not the case.

Picket Line does such a great job at exploring the grey areas in life. Not only is that a lot more realistic, in this case also helps build the suspense because you'll be dying to know what the characters are going to do next.

You won't find any superpowers here, but it is about changing the world in the little ways we can. The story is very original, and it deals with contemporary issues in a very human way.

A little recap:
Beatrice decides to move because she wants to find her place in the world. She gets taken in by Rex and his family, and she starts working at their lawn mowing company. The company gets this big contract for this rich guy who wants to cut down a forest to build houses on. The locals are very much against this plan, and Rex tries to stop it from happening too. But that's not as simple as it might sound...

The drawings are amazing(cute, simple yet with very much detail), but what really blew me away were the very lifelike conversations.

After a few pages you already feel like you know the characters and after you've finished it you kinda wish you could go back there.

To me, graphic novels are the best of both worlds, they're like books and movies combined. If you already like graphic novels too (especially by authors like Craig Thompson, Ariel Schrag or Marjane Satrapi) you will definitely enjoy this one!
And if you haven't read one ever before, you will love Picket Line as well. You can even read a preview on the website to make sure you'll really like it before you buy the book!

Breena Wiederhoeft also has an amazing blog with lots of fun comics, and currently some interviews with the musicians of the Picket Line Soundtrack. Also, she's already working on a second graphic novel!

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