Friday, November 27, 2015

Lovely Movies: When Marnie Was There

Well, hopefully I am back blogging and can manage to do so more often. And what better way to ease back into it than with something about Studio Ghibli?! I recently watched When Marnie Was There and it was lovely! Of course!

It's quite a calm film that is mostly about inner life, friendship and family ties. And I really enjoyed the family dynamics in this film, and by that I mean the way her aunt and uncle treated and supported her. It seemed so realistic. Far more realistic than the actual plot twist. But it wouldn't be Studio Ghibli without a little magic, now would it?

It's not quite up there with my favorite Ghibli films for it lacks a little something plotwise, but it's beautifully made and I very much enjoyed it. And I was also pleasantly surprised to see they used a Priscilla Ahn song in the soundtrack!


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