Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dog Costumes

I always have mixed feelings about dressing up pets, but I found some Halloween dog costumes that really cracked me up.

Because both Yoda AND pugs are amazing, I'm giving you two!

Scuba dog:)

This probably beats "Elf Yourself".

Spider Pug, Spider Pug, does whatever a Spider Pug does.

This one is amazing!

This gladiator costume is probably the prettiest one I've ever seen.

This might not be a dressed up dog, but it's technically a dog costume, right?

Are you dressing up your pets this year?


  1. hahaha, so cute and hilarious! My faves are elf, yoda and the dog costume. The last photo really cracked me up!! :D

  2. oh man! I am in stitches over this last photo. lol i have pinned it everywhere I can with the link. love this too much for words. these are making this day magic : )

  3. The lion one is pretty cool I must admit!

    xo Amy

  4. I agree, the lion is so cool. It was perfect!


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