Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Owl Things Considered

2015 was the year I started supporting projects through crowdfunding websites. I really like to see the variety of things that people come up with, and every once in a while I find something especially wonderful! Like the Oliba.

This is one for readers with "owlettes" of their own. (Or for children at heart that can also come up with a good and creative (exc)use to still get one!) You should really just check out the Indiegogo page, but here's the bottom line:

Oliba is an owl you attach to your kid's favorite stuffed animal. It serves as a tracker, so you can relocate the plushie if you accidentally lose it somewhere. However, it is also a nightlight that either reads your child a story, or plays soothing music for as long as you've set it to work. The child can also touch the face of the owl to have the sequence go again. Anyway, it all works through an app. Or you can get a few basic things to work without a smartphone too.

There is still time to help fund Oliba, and the Christmas special is running too, if you want to get an extra good deal!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Do you celebrate Christmas as well? And if so, do you do huge family get-togethers or smaller celebrations, like I did? Either way, whether you have just finished or have yet to begin celebrating, I hope Christmas is amazing for you!

I just wrapped up my relaxed evening of exchanging gifts and eating chocolate, which was lovely! The things I received were wonderful and I was so thrilled to finally reveal the gifts I had bought too. If the light is bright enough for taking pictures I hope to be back quite soon to show you a few of the things I received. So stay tuned!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Mood & Music Mosaic

Silver Bells - Meaghan Smith

It'll be Christmas in just a few days! Can you believe it? I've been looking forward to it for so long that I can hardly believe it's nearly here. I have all my gifts at the ready, most of the food in the kitchen, so I'm pretty much set!

How about you? Do you have anything nice planned?

Monday, December 14, 2015

Mood & Music Mosaic

Don't Wait Too Long - Madeleine Peyroux 

It is definitely getting colder now! I'm still prepping for Christmas, running errands and sending out letters etc. But it won't be long until I'll hide inside a fort made of blankets and books to keep me warm and entertained till Spring.

P.S. The mug above has a library card print. I think it makes the combination of reading and tea even more fitting!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Lovely Movies: Tangled

So I've been catching up on Disney movies. I hadn't seen many of the more recent ones yet, including Tangled, which I finally watched yesterday. I loved it! I hadn't expected that much of it, but it actually ended up blowing me away.

It wasn't as much of a love story as I thought it'd be. There is plenty of romance, but thankfully there is way more to the plot. There were lots of funny moments, very nice songs and gorgeous animation. And the characters were lovely!

Also, it's not one of those standard guy saves girl type of stories. It's more of a joint effort. And let's not forget the wonderful animal sidekicks! And the love isn't instant either. Yeah, it's definitely a better, and more layered, movie than I expected!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Plans & Goals: December

The final month of the year has started! Christmas will be here soon, with all its coziness, pretty decorations, gift giving, delicious things to eat… I just love it! And it makes up for the cold too! Anyway, this fun month I hope I get to:

  • Write a few Christmas blogposts.
  • Cast off my current knitting project.
  • Read some wintery books.
  • Re-learn some Christmas songs on guitar. A few… not all I knew last year.
  • Take the time to do some wonderful gift wrapping.
  • Try out this cool unopened card game I have.
  • Finish a Christmas present I've been working on for a friend.
  • Reach my Goodreads goal.
  • And just enjoy the holiday season with the people -and cats!- I love!

Do you have any plans for the holidays? And is there anything you'd still like to do in 2015?


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