Thursday, October 20, 2011

Anyone up for a party?

Well, since Autumn is so pretty, I think we have a reason to celebrate! Also, it's nearly been 2 years since I first started blogging. So it is high time for a blog party!

By the end of this month I'd like to do an Autumn themed blogparty and I need your help! With guest posts, tutorials, giveaways or recipes. Anything you have to add, I'm sure I'd love to include.

It could be something to celebrate the beauty of Autumn or even something to help survive it, because let's face it: there are some downsides too, like the cold. Either way if you have a fun idea, just shoot me an email!

I'll be back with more details soon.

P.S. Speaking of blogparties, you should check out Andrea's Hitchcock Party!


  1. Sounds like an incredibly interesting concept! The cold most certainly is a downside. I need to start donning my gloves!

  2. sounds really cute I will be emailing you!


  3. of course I'm in if you'll have me. haven't thought of an idea yet, Laura, when do you need the posts? xoxo

  4. I really want to be a part of this, I'll have to start thinking of what I can contribute tonight!!

    Great idea btw :)

  5. I have no idea what a blog party is like, but I'm excited about hearing it from you. :)

    (Btw, there are no more pictures from my holiday. At least no blog-worthy ones. ;) )


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