Friday, October 21, 2011

Lovely Movies: Abduction

This past week I've been exhausted and I can't really think straight, but I don't want to leave you hanging either, so I have a tiny little movie review for today. And hopefully some proper blogging tomorrow!

Anyway, I saw Abduction. Had I not had the opportunity to go see it for free, I probably wouldn't have. It seemed to be one of those movies that were made only to show some popular guys abs. But I was so wrong!

It actually was a great movie! Very edge of your seat. And quite original too. Granted, it has a bit of a very cliché scene at the very end, but apart from that it was very good.

After being so pleasantly surprised by both this one and Bridesmaids I think I'll start going to movies I don't really feel like seeing, as they prove to very good time and time again...


  1. I'm agree, seeing a not-likely-interesting-at-first movie (bad phrase, sorry) usually end up with good story after all. Hm, I think I'll see this movie once it available in my country lol

  2. I didn't think I would like bridesmaids all that much... it just seemed.... to.... drama filled. Turns out I actually loved the film and was glad to see it. :) It surprised me. I haven't wanted to see Abduction... but maybe I will

    Happy Friday!

    <3 jenn


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