Monday, September 15, 2014

Giveaway Time!

It's been ages since I've done a giveaway! After my blogging dry spell I forget about them for a while. However, I plan on doing them regularly again and have a few planned already. Starting with some things I picked up myself...

This week I'm giving away an owl brooch and a nice credit card holder with owl print. Aren't they cute?! 

It's open internationally, of course. Just fill out the Rafflecopter to join, and keep your fingers crossed!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, September 12, 2014

Current Nails

As I mentioned recently, I got some amazing nailpolish as a gift. It goes without saying that it's the first nail polish I put on since I received it. And I love it! I feel like I'm in some sort of mermaid-spaceship-fairytale… It is so sparkly! 

Glitter polish can be really coarse or very "thinly glittered" but this worked very well. But it's Butter, need I say more? Anyway, I did use one opaque coat in the same shade before I put on the glitter, just to be sure the color would "stick".

And then I ended up doing two coats of glitter and thought that was enough. I didn't get round to a clear topcoat yet, but even now it doesn't feel too rough and it seems pretty solid as well. So yeah, definitely an instant favorite!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

99 Red Balloons

I hadn't heard of Andrew Huang before, but I just got forwarded a cover that I can not help but share with you guys. 99 Red Balloons made only with balloons! Isn't that amazing? I love how people take the time to do stuff like that!

As I only just found out about him, I'm not sure if the rest of his stuff is any good, but he does do other fun music challenges as well, and judging from this little video the guy definitely has talent. And patience, lots of patience.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Owl Things Considered

It was already pretty obivious that ModCloth is really good at making cute stuff to fit each season, and also that they carry some amazing owls in their online store, but they're really outdoing themselves with this Halloweenish dress.

Isn't it cool? I love the vibrant color and the sneaky orange eyes! And the black waist and peter pan collar make it a hundred times better still. Too cute to scare anyone during the holiday, but it will definitely make you look amazing!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mixed Shelf #13

I'm ahead of my Goodreads challenge again! Last month was a great reading month, I finished lots of books. So I thought I'd do a books-about-books blog post today. Also inspired by the (audio)book I'm currently reading.

 Wanting: The Moment of Everything by Shelly King
This is a book I found through a bookstore newsletter. It came with a giveaway and I'm keeping my fingers crossed because it sounds like a truly lovely story. It involves a bookstore, a woman finding a book with special side notes that lead her on a search that teaches her about herself in the process. And there are cats, too. What's not to love?!

Reading: The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak
It was hard to miss the hype around this book. Especially after the magnificent movie. Anyway, I tried reading this book years ago, but somehow stopped. I can't remember if I didn't like it or if I just didn't like it enough not let myself forget about it. Anyway, I'm now reading the audiobook and it is very good indeed, so I'm glad I gave it another shot.

Waiting: Book Lust by Nancy Pearl
This is supposedly a great help for when you're not sure as to what book to read next. I usually don't have that problem, but I've heard some great things about this book. And as a book lover it seemed like a bit of a must have. Also, the cover just stood out and I had to pick it up. If not for myself someday, then it will make someone a great gift.

Have you read a good book about books? Or are you reading anything fun at the moment?

Saturday, September 6, 2014

In the Mail...

It's been a pretty rough week for me, but there was also something that cheered me up a great deal... Some amazing happy mail from a very dear friend! Everything was so beautiful! And of course I took some pictures for the blog.

The stunning turquoise owl is a cookie jar. It looks a lot smaller in this picture, it's actually pretty huge and could hold a lot of cookies indeed! And there were also some other equally awesome and beautifully wrapped-up gifts.

Like the fairy tale coin purse and the tiny gift that held some very pretty nail polish (post coming!), but there was also an amazing week planner for my desk (will show up later too). And socks. But not just any socks, no no no... cat socks!!!

Wasn't that awesome?! It certainly makes it harder to feel sad when you have these things to look at, doesn't it? And my friend and I also made a very special owl thing happen, but I'll save that for another post as well, so stay tuned...

Have you gotten any happy mail recently? I hope so!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Lovely Movies: Fading Gigolo

When I saw the Fading Gigolo trailer I knew I had to go see it, especially since I have a membership card. It seemed like such a fun movie! And it was, but it was also more than that. It wasn't just funny, it had lots of layers to it as well.

It also touched on loneliness and cultural traditions (people breaking from them or sticking to them). And it wasn't predictable either. Also, it had some very human and realistic things woven in, like some of the family situations.

As always, the trailer shows pretty much the whole movie, so beware. 

Let me just say that John Turturro was the perfect guy for this part, which perhaps makes sense, because he was also the writer of the story. And he even directed the whole thing too! So he was definitely responsible for this gem.


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