Wednesday, March 30, 2016

For Your Next Project: Nomadic Yarns

A new skein of yarn is one of the best joys life has to offer. It's very similar to that "new notebook feeling" for me. So imagine my excitement when I found Nomadic Yarns, a yarn shop that exclusively has pictures that make me drool.

And there's not just yarn, but also project bags! Medium sized ones or clever "sock cubes". There are some amazing prints/colors available, and you could even go all matchy-matchy with your knitting project if you pick the right yarn.

Anyway, I love the colors this lady picks for her self-striping yarns. And she tends to add glitter too, which makes them even more awesome! So plenty of reasons to head over to Nomadic Yarns and check out the shop for yourself!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Mood & Music Mosaic

Moonglow, Lamp Low - Eleni Mandell

I just treated myself to the bedsheets above. (On sale, yay!) They make my inner child smile, but are still very mature. And they're also fun and serene at the same time. Which is the theme I try to go for in my bedroom anyway. I mean, it has to inspire sleep, but it doesn't have to get dull. Anyway, just imagine them against my turquoise walls and grey bed..!

What colors did you pick? And do also try to stick to that whole calm bedroom rule?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mood & Music Mosaic

小塵埃 - 貓大人息怒

It is officially spring! And though it doesn't feel like it yet, the fact alone is a huge moodlifter. It's like there's suddenly a lot more to look forward to. Even Tofu seems to think so, haha; he likes having birds to spy on through the window.

Does it already feel like spring where you live? And what are looking forward to about this season?

Friday, March 18, 2016

Lovely Movies: An / Sweat Bean

I've always wanted to see a Naomi Kawase film, and when I heard about her new film "An" I was determined to not let this opportunity pass me by. So with a likeminded friend I went and saw it very soon after it came out.

"An" tells the story of a Japanese pancake stand and three people that work and/or eat there. It's not a highly original plot (and could have done with less symbolism), but it's a beautiful movie that left me quite warm and fuzzy, as well as hungry.

I tend to really enjoy these films about ordinary people that really see the beauty in everyday life. Not every film needs to be incredibly eventful to be interesting. And the pacing of "An" was actually perfect. Slow enough to prove its point, yet not so much as to leave its viewers bored. And it definitely made me want to catch up on the director's other films!

P.S. If you've already seen this movie and crave something similar, definitely check out "Megane";)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Trailer is Here!

Yes! I have been waiting for the Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children trailer for ages. Every once in a while I would check to see if it was out yet, and then today I heard about it through the Twitter newsletter grapevine!

Doesn't it look amazing?! I actually have yet to read the book. It's been on my shelf for ages, but I still find myself looking forward to it so much, and I guess I just wanted to keep something to look forward to. Anyway, it's a long wait till September (when the movie comes out) and I'm sure I'll read the book, if not the entire trilogy, before then.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Lovely Series: Scorpion

So I've been describing Scorpion as "if the makers of NCIS LA were to make a remake of the A-Team with a Big Bang Theory-esque cast". It is action packed, clever, very sarcastic, quite over the top, and absolutely wonderful!

The characters are definitely flawed, yet there isn't a single one that I dislike. I do have a special place in my heart for child prodigy Ralph though. He's not in every episode, but he shows up quite regularly, and often helps save the day.

Although most episodes follow the same recipe, there is a huge variety of cases on this show. The Scorpion team takes on anything and everything you could think of that would require a group of geniuses to help fix/undo/stop/build.

This was the first show I discovered since cable television re-entered my life. I have yet to catch up on a big chunk of the first season, but even watching this from the second season on it was easy to follow and very, very addictive.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Kidrobot has launched the coolest collection of vinyl toys! They're called Nightriders and a great number of them consists of owl-like creatures. And all of the characters (even the non-owly ones) come with their own little owl sidekick.

Anyway, I think they're stunning! The colors are lovely, as are the patterns and all the little details. I also like how they seem futuristic and tribal at the same time. They are actually described as "nocturnal bird spirits".

They come in blind boxes, so you can't pick which one you get. And though I definitely have my eye on a few of them in particular, I find that once I look at all the others separately, they are actually very cool in their own way too.

-available through Kidrobot or Amazon-

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Plans & Goals: March

It's March! Which means… spring is coming! I always jokingly tell people that I'm hibernating, but it's actually true. So I'm incredibly excited about warmer weather, going out into the world and lighter, longer days. I'd also love to:

  • Go to a museum again.
  • Pay a visit to the Japanese supermarket.
  • Start thinking about my birthday plans!
  • Visit some sort of market.
  • Read another book by Banana Yoshimoto.
  • Talk to friendly strangers.
  • Possibly even eat my first ice cream cone of the year…
  • Show you some knitting projects I've made in fall and winter.
  • And make something super colorful with these pretty skeins!

What have you been looking forward to all winter? Any nice plans?


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