Sunday, October 30, 2011

Andrea's Owl Brooch DIY

Surprisingly there's only own guest post on owls, but maybe that's good because I don't see how any other owl could've topped Andrea's tutorial!

You're probably tired of people saying that Autumn is their favorite time of year, so I'll get it out quick--I love the cripsy yellow leaves, the blustery wind, a warm bowl of soup and a cup of tea in the afternoon, a warm scarf, and all the fall colours. In fact, since we've already had a forecast for snow in NY, it's all come and gone a bit too quickly. Anyway, I was really excited to make something for Laura's Autumn Party so here are some Blue Eyed Owl Brooches! -0v0-

Owl brooch diy

I always buy up craft supplies when they're on sale and couldn't resist the Fimo section this time. You only need a few simple supplies for this easy Owl Brooch DIY.

Owl brooch supplies

I molded the clay into an owl shape with my fingers and thumbs until it looked like this.

Owl brooch 2

Then paint a few layers of paint and add a nose, eyes and some feather details.

Owl brooch

Wear these with your favorite Autumn colors and you can even add an owl mask.

Owl mask

Sarah from One Owl Please has a wonderful free printable owl mask available. So if you still need a Halloween costume or you like to dress up all year round, this is perfect for you!

Owl mask 2

Outfit: Mask: One Owl Please Dress: Self-Made Autumn Dress Belt & Shoes: Vintage Tights: We Love Colors

Thanks so much, Laura, for having me on your wonderful blog!! xoxo

Now you're probably already familiar with the PaperSparrow blog and shop. If not, head on over there because you are in for a real treat! Andrea also happens to be the Queen of Blog Parties and there will be a Amelie themed party on November 9th, don't miss it!


  1. The brooches and mask as well look awesome!

  2. the brooches are amazing! you're so clever :) xo

  3. I love them! I absolutely cannot wait to try these out...

  4. you ladies are the sweetest! xoxo

  5. how cute! i bet you can easily make cute little foxes too!

  6. damn it!!! now i have to buy fimo and paint - they are too awesome not to try!!!!

  7. thanks stina and hannah : )
    stina-- I bet foxes would look awesome!! I can't wait to see what you come up with

    Hannah-- lol thanks, luv

  8. I'm going to share this on my blog tomorrow! <3


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