Monday, April 30, 2012

Marvelous Music

High time I posted these amazing songs. I'm not even going to say any more, except: enjoy!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sponsor call: May

It's that time of month again... the time to decide if you want to advertise in May or maybe even future months.

In a nutshell:

-Large ad: $20 - includes interview, tutorial or guest post ONLY 1 AVAILABLE!
-Regular ads: $8 or $20 for 3 months
-Small ads: $5 or $12 for 3 months

Email Me if you'd like to reserve a spot.

Giveaways are welcome too of course. And I myself will be giving something away very soon, so keep your eyes open...

How to live a fairy tale...

Ever since I can remember I've had a thing for fairies. Not just because they are beautiful, gentle creatures that go on magical adventures, but also because they tend to make things from leaves and flowers and all they manage to find in the forest.

I feel like I've outgrown a lot of fairy-related items that are available and have thus moved on to dreams of one day building my own eco-friendly hobbit house instead.

When I found CampanaCeramics today I was in awe. It is the perfect combination of fairy tales and mature design. And it is simply perfect.

Can you imagine having your morning tea from one of these beautiful cups? I'd say that would be a very magical start of the day indeed!

Jeff Campana, the maker, refers to these items as "luxurious functional ceramic art" and he has definitely succeeded into making every day household items true works of art.

Click to go the magical Etsy store or the official website.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Lovely Movies: Hugo

On the plane to and from Singapore, I caught a bunch of amazing films. The last one I saw, and the first one I'll be sharing, is Hugo.

I'm a sucker for movies that are filled to the brim with beauty in every single shot. It makes me a bit sad to think I saw it on a 5" by 3" screen instead of the 3D big screen experience. It was such a stunning film.


It reminded me of those magical children's books you sometimes find in bookstores. The ones you can't resist buying because of the beautiful cover and the magical illustrations.

This film included so many wonderful things: Paris, silent movies, beautiful clothing and a little dash of steampunk. If you love the image in this post and enjoyed the trailer, I'm sure you won't regret seeing this movie. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm back home...

Jet-lagged, but home again. And I had a great time in Singapore! I'll tell you all about it when I've had time to sort through all my pictures. I can tell you now that I got to cross of all my goals though, and I can also say that I managed to add some cool owls to my collection. Will be back shortly to show those off!

Anyway, I'm missing Singapore, but I am also psyched to be back. I've missed you guys and look forward to blogging and finding out what you've been up to.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Here we go...!

Well, I'm off to Singapore. I'll be back in about two weeks, hopefully with lots of pictures! I wish you all a happy April:)


A last-minute "Spotted" before I leave for Singapore tomorrow. I thought I'd do one with an Easter theme.

I've always wanted to try making bread. Wouldn't it be cool if I actually pulled this off:

I love this adorable bunny girl!

One of those plushies you just never outgrow.

So lifelike! And so very cute! A lovely ring:)

Perhaps too creepy, but I love the UV ink Threadless used on this shirt.

I fear my collection of rings just isn't complete without one like this.

Japanese bunny patterns are my favorite! And I love the shape of this bag!

The moment I find a project for these, I'm ordering some!

Aren't surprise bowls one of the coolest inventions?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Lovely Movies: Thank You for Smoking

Thank You for Smoking was an awesome film! And it's the kind of part Aaron Eckhart nails, in fact, I find to imagine him being any different in real life. But a lot of other good actors make an appearance in this movie too.

It's a movie that manages to make you laugh at all the awful things big companies do to make money, yet it doesn't pretend to make things better than they are. It's a clever story and it plays with logic and truth on a very human level.

Also, it had some hilarious moments. I loved it!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

In the mail...

If you've seen the post about iamabird, I'm pretty sure you remember Madeleine's beautiful jewelry. Well, I am happy to show you all that I now have my very own necklace!

Isn't it perfect? I am smitten with this cute owl in its little garden and wooden home. I love that it's made from recycled wood(it actually used to be a wine vat)! And the resin finish is impeccable.
My favorite thing about it is that the garden and the owl are different layers, it makes for a lovely 3D effect.

I'm sure you'll find this one in many outfit posts to come!

Thanks Madiee!

Since I first posted about iamabird, Madeleine has added some new pieces, I thought I'd show you a few.


Check out the iamabird Etsy shop if you haven't already. And also hop on over to Madeleine's blog, as it's filled with fun posts as well as shop updates.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Owl Things Considered

ModCloth has recently added this cute bottle opener to their website. Such a clever and handy design!

A little while back I also spotted this one in a shop. I love that it looks a lot more like an ornament than a bottle opener.

I know there are a lot of vintage ones out there, but it's good to see they're making some new ones as well.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Plans and Goals: April


Instead of regular monthly goals I've decided to write down some plans for my vacation. I'd like to:

  • Visit the bookstore I've been dying to see.
  • Try some Milo ice cream.
  • See the city from a helicopter.
  • Watch some nice movies on the plane. Muppets!
  • Buy some cute stationary.
  • Go swimming for the first time in years.
  • See some fun animals.
  • Take loads of pictures.
  • And of course, have an amazing birthday!

If you're familiar with Singapore and have some other nice tips, please let me know! I'd be very happy with suggestions!

What are your plans for this month?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Looking back on March

If I look past that horrible flu and the lack of blogging because of it, it was actually a pretty nice month. Let's look back at some of the good stuff:

  • Tried that Japanese "marble" soda and did well on my other goals as well.
  • Started planning my birthday trip to Singapore.
  • Bought a suitcase for said trip.
  • Went to a Spring collection launch-party at Lush.
  • Found the best online game ever.
  • Went to a Threadless meet-up.
  • Read a lot.
  • Learned to change strings on my steel string guitars.
  • Had ice cream for the first time this year. It's this annual thing I do with my mom;)

In the mail...

A while back I was lucky enough to win a very big giveaway on Polly's lovely blog! I've waited with this post until I got pretty much all of the prizes in the mail, here we go!

Polly was kind enough to give me $20 shop credit, I picked the necklace and owl earrings below. They came in the cutest packaging along with a beautiful matryoshka card.

The first parcel came from Lara, who also has a talent for gift wrapping and picking cards.

She made me one of her lovely coin purses that she normally sells on her Etsy.

Eline was kind enough to offer these earrings from her shop.

Margot also offered a $20 gift certificate for her shop. I chose two packs of beautiful boot beanies. They basically make sure your shoes stay as fresh as possible, and they look very cute too in their special pouches.

Gillian sent me these two heart pins, that are also still available in her shop by the way.

And I also received a jewelry set from La Chic Unique.

There was also a 50% of coupon for Dragonflight Dreams and I'm also awaiting one final item.

So that's it for the pictures, but I also got ad space on the following blogs:

And a free meditation download from Discover Your Dance.

Not bad right? Not bad at all!


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