Friday, September 30, 2011

Giveaway Reminder

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for an owl brooch/bookmark in the color of your choice!
Only one more day to enter, winner will be announced tomorrow:)

Looking back on September

Some lovely things have happened this month! Here's a little recap.

  • This amazing panda drink came from the Japanese store(of course!), it tasted pretty good actually.
  • I did an interview, with the amazing new band "And the Giraffe"
  • Not only did I meet Neil Gaiman who drew me a mouse, I have now also met David Sedaris who drew me an elephant!
  • I made a new owl design and am giving one away(still time to enter!).
  • There was an amazing Cat Party on Papersparrow, where I did a guest post and partook in the giveaway.
  • The most amazing dress ever was delivered to me.
  • I sent out and received lots of packages.
  • And I started doing "mood posts" with music and photographs I find inspiring.
  • It was the first time I did sponsor introductions and updates.
  • And I also received a fabulous handmade necklace!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Summer encore

Honestly I didn't expect the end of September to be so sunny and warm. Yesterday was lovely and I went into town. Which is where I picked up this lovely summer dress at half price.

When I came home the postman had dropped off this amazing brooch! And I noticed it went really well with the dress.

Today was a lovely day as well so I got to wear everything combined:)

And not suprisingly added an owl too.

I had a driving lesson and then enjoyed the weather reading outside. What did you do today?

Till the Morning

Lately I've been waking up early, not because of an alarm clock, but just because I do. And I have to say, I've grown to love mornings. Each morning I sit in the same spot, watch the sun slide through the sky until it's right before my window, and listen to amazing music.

It always creates a special vibe, and today felt like this. Hope you'll like it!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pretty Paintings: Ruel Pascual

Another amazing painter recently caught my eye. I love Ruel Pascual's style, subjects and use of color. Also, he's been known to put an owl in lots of his paintings. Which makes it even better!

Enjoy and don't forget to scroll down to the very end!

With Scarves of Red

I didn't really used to do a lot of outfit post, but lately I've been thinking that perhaps I should. Also, I was kinda loving this little ensemble.

I really love weird pants! The shinier the better really. I should some day show you my collection, or I'll just post them like this every once in a while.

The t-shirt is one I'd been eyeing for a while, when I was ordering anyway it suddenly got on sale for 5 bucks and I couldn't resist. Too bad customs thought it appropriate to charge me an extra 20...

The nail polish is the other one I got from Clare. It came in the cutest bottle and works really well! I only needed one coat to get this amazingly bright and flawless nail-do. I was very impressed! Isn't it awesome?
Thanks again Clare!

Monday, September 26, 2011

This has to be...

Isn't this the most beautiful dress you've ever seen? And I am proud to say I'm its owner! When I spotted it on Etsy I knew I had to have it, and now, a little while later, I do.

It came from this amazing shop called Fancy Clothing (or necessityisthemother). It is full of amazing, one of a kind handmade dresses made from vintage, often repurposed materials. And they're all very well made by a lovely lady!

The collar is too pretty to spoil with a necklace, so I figured I needed another accessory and it probably doesn't come as a surprise that I immediately started a little project of my own and made a headband to match!

I can not wait to wear this combination somewhere!

Sponsor News!

Hannah from Made by my Rabbit was so kind as to give you guys 20% off in her Etsy store, just use this code:

Check out her shop for awesome embroidery as well as birthday cards!


And if you haven't listened yet to And The Giraffe, I recommend you still do!
Also, you can download their cd for free!


What else? Well there's a giveaway on the Prairie Hen if you fancy a custom portrait.


That's it for now, more deals and things from the sponsors next month!
And if you're interested in becoming a sponsor, you can check out the rates and details here.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

200 follower giveaway!


I think a little celebration is in order, don't you? Also I promised I'd reveal my new owl design this month and here it is! (There's even a Halloween themed one!)

The winner gets to pick one of these 5 colors(purple, pink, grey/black, brown or Halloween) and... gets to say whether (s)he wants it as a bookmark or a brooch.

This is a international giveaway:)

So, how do you enter? Mandatory:
  • Be a follower of this blog!
  • And leave a comment saying which one you'd pick and if you want a brooch or bookmark
  • Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you in case you win.

As always there are extra entries to be earned:
  • Grab a banner for 2 entries (each)
  • Tweet/blog/share on facebook for 1 entry (each)
Please let me know how many entries you scored in one comment:)

Winner will be announced next Sunday(October 2nd).

Good luck!


Friday, September 23, 2011

October Sponsors?

Hey there! If you'd like to become a sponsor in October, now would be a good time to start thinking about buying a spot. The exclusive large spot has already been sold for October, but you can reserve one for any other month to make sure you have it later on.

Good news is there's still plenty of regular($6,50) and small($4) ads available. (Pssst there's even a special discount if you buy 3 months at a time!)

All options come with introductions and updates, but you can read more about that here.

Email me if you're interested;)

Lovely Movies: Grave of the Fireflies

Ever since I read something about this movie years ago, it has been on my list of things to watch. I finally did and I have to say, it definitely left an impression. It is the cutest and saddest film I have ever seen.
If you are still unsure about animation movies, you will be blown away. It is so very human, so beautiful and so emotional too. And I have no shame at all in saying I had to cry.

Ok, so maybe I got really depressed and thought the world wasn't a great place at all, but I don't regret watching it. And... I will never look at Japanese hard candy the same, because it will always remind me of little Setsuko.

Oh, and one word of advice, watch it in Japanese. I saw bits of it in English and it just takes a whole dimension away.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wishlist: Moustache Coin Purse

Though I haven't posted about them in a while, fear not, I am definitely not over moustaches yet. And I found an amazing one recently.

It's a coin purse and it's even lined with a fabric with all sorts of moustaches! And it's just really cute, isn't it?

Available at FredFlare.

A to Z of Me

Lately I've seen a lot of bloggers fill out the A to Z of me questionaire and I thought I'd join in.

A. Age: 20
Bed size: Single
Chore that you hate: cleaning up after myself in the kitchen, I do it, but I'd rather not
Dogs: hopefully in the future
Essential start to your day: checking my email and a cup of tea!
Favorite color: Teal, grey, and I like combos as mint green and pink, or peach and sky blue
Gold or Silver: silver
Height: 5'5"
Instruments you play: guitar (and the kazoo)
Job title: "high school drop-out art school drop-out micro entrepeneur"!
Kids: maybe some day
Live: Amsterdam:)
Mother’s name: Barbara
Nicknames: Lou, Lautje or Loulapalooza
Overnight hospital stays: thankfully none
Pet peeves: when the toilet paper comes out from under the roll
Quote from a movie: Sorry, I don't speak... Monkay!
Right or left handed: right
Siblings: none
Time you wake up: swtiches, now though, about 9 o'clock
Underwear: I go for a combination of comfortable and cute
Vegetable you hate: paprika when heated, and brocolli
What makes you run late: public transportation, and sometimes I just get distracted
X-Rays you’ve had: again, thankfully none
Yummy food that you make: udon!
. Zoo animal: tapirs:)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chi's Sweet Home

If you like Japanese animation and you like cats you should really give Chi's Sweet Home a try. I recently found it and haven't seen that many episodes yet, but I fell in love quickly.

Luckily you can find many episodes on YouTube. Here's one I really like:

Though it's a kids' show, it is lovely to watch. Besides, the little cat is adorable!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Owl Things Considered

Oh my goodness! I've found the best shower curtain rings ever! I'm used to the simple white plastic ones, we occassionally had blue if we were lucky, but these are incredible! And only $14,99 at ModCloth. Aren't they adorable?

Monday, September 19, 2011

And the Giraffe Interview

I have something special in store today! An amazing new band has come to my attention recently and today you can enjoy an actual interview with them!

And the Giraffe is a duo of friends that have just released their first EP, however it doesn't sound like they've just started out at all. I've been in touch with Nick, one half of the duo, who (like me) is only twenty, but the EP has such a mature and well-rounded collection of songs.

You can't help but get lost in this music completely. It's very dreamy and if you enjoyed Iron and Wine last week you will absolutely love this! And... you can download it for free! Or you can pay whatever you like or buy the actual tangible EP off their website.

Play the song above while you check out the interview!

"Hey everyone, we're And the Giraffe. The project consists of myself, Nick Roberts, and my best friend Josh Morris. We're from Gainesville, FL, and after making the transition from acoustic folk songs to "dream-folk," we couldn't be happier and we hope to continue making music together for as long as possible. It's a bit tough to coordinate things now that Josh lives in Nashville, TN, but we manage. Thanks for taking an interest in what we're doing and reading what we're about!"

First off, the obvious question: why “And the Giraffe”?

We were thinking about band names when we were first starting out and just throwing out ideas. Nick suggested Giraffe as our band name. I then thought maybe we could name ourselves The Pelican and the Giraffe after the Roald Dahl book. That was too long so I think Nick suggested dropping just the Pelican part; It sounded cool and that's how we came to be known as And the Giraffe. Unfortunately some people think our name is Giraffe when we get put at the end of a bill, but we love it all the same.

What inspires you to make your music?

J: Other music for sure. When I was 15, my friend and I went to go see a local band called The Heathens in Orlando. After seeing them play, all I wanted to do was make music. It seemed like a really worthwhile pursuit. Now it's my sounding board for whenever I need to think things through and my escape. I think Nick and I also get really inspired when learning about other people's artistic processes; we've watched a number of album documentaries with I Am Trying To Break Your Heart being one of the best ones we've ever seen.

N: I think Josh summed it up pretty well. Just the sheer power and emotion that comes from other musicians and their talents is inspiring enough to try it ourselves. I love watching how other people go through their artistic process in hopes that we can get inspired in the same way or similarly. And I think above all else, music is a form of escapism. It allows us to venture into new worlds that don’t yet exist and explore them and craft them however we want.

What are you trying to say with your lyrics? What do you hope people pick up from listening to your music?

J: My lyrics are about what's going on for me when I write the song. I realized the other night that I tend to be a little angsty when I write, so I kind of hope people agree with me more than see me as a whiny young adult.

N: When I write I try to keep things a bit more vague than what’s actually going on in my life. Stories unfold around a central idea I’m trying to convey and that’s normally what the songs end up being about. While they’re somewhat based in truth, I like to take an artistic liberty by writing about feelings, emotions, and places that don’t necessarily exist.

How do you go about songwriting?

J: There is no process for me. It's always different for every song. Masquerade was written in an hour and Still took nearly 6 months. They just happen and I don't know how; I don't try to question it. I think sometimes I over think it and that'll hold me back.

N: Just as Josh said, there’s no specific process. For me I sometimes can see or feel an entire song’s path before I ever sit down to record it. Other times though I’ll have to sit down at the computer with different song segments laid out and arrange them in a visual manner. It’s easier for me to direct a song when the puzzle pieces are sitting in front of me. It’s fun to move things around and try them in different places. Once the general framework of a song has been laid out, the recording actually happens.

What are your plans now that the EP is finished?

J: I think we're both trying to survive school at the moment. We have started working on our next EP or album though. We're probably going to tour for a bit next summer as well.

N: School is definitely killing me at the moment, so any time I can find to play music is like a gift. We’ve got plans for some new songs already, but I think that live performances are next on the agenda. All we need are more friends to help us out!

If you could pick three cds to take to that desert island, which ones would you choose?

J: Oh man, uh... 1) Abbey Road by The Beatles 2) The Moon and Antarctica and 3) Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd or End of Amnesia by M. Ward

N: I always regret my decisions when questions like this come up! 1) For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver 2) I Am Responsible by Ef, and 3) In Real Life Color by Magic Man. Ask me again tomorrow though….

Do you have any early childhood memories regarding music?

J: My parents played me lots of good music for me when I was little. A whole lot of the Beach Boys, The Beatles, Queen, The Clash, T. Rex, Simon and Garfunkel, and more were always being played for me. I do remember there was an album that my sister liked a lot that my mom played to death when I was maybe six or seven year old. I can't remember the name of the artist now, but I actually scratched the CD to the point of being unplayable. I've always had kind of a strong opinion on what I think is good and what I don't. In my opinion, there's way too much good music to waste your time listening to bad music.

N: I wish I did. I didn’t really get into music until my early teens. While my parents liked music, it was never anything I could get behind. I guess my earliest personal memory from childhood regarding music was the first CD I ever got: An N*SYNC Christmas. Thankfully, I think I lost it a few days after getting it.

What would your perfect world look like?

J: There would be world peace, no poverty and everyone would be happy. People would also have better music taste and they would be into their local music scenes.

N: In addition to Josh’s, I’d like to see a world that’s less focused on “getting ahead” and a corporate education system. I think our drive for money and the “American dream” has done more harm than good in terms of the stress it causes to people.

And lastly, is there anything you have to add or would like to tell my readers about?

J: If you listened to our music, thank you! If you liked it and downloaded it, you rock!

N: I know we put it at the end of all of our emails, but we’re sincerely grateful to anyone who took the time to listen to what we have to offer. Thanks for reading and listening!


Oh, how exciting! I reached 200 followers, or actually I just got to 201! There will be a giveaway later on in the week, but there's one currently over on A is for Ampersand if you can't wait till then.
Amy is doing this huge sponsor giveaway and it includes this bookmark I made especially for the occasion. So head on over there and enter the giveaway!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sit back and relax

It's been a busy time and I feel a bit burned out. So I took today off and watched Spirited Away instead of doing anything useful. Yesterday I did get everything from my to-do list done, but I'm still feeling a bit stressed out because I was so busy before. Anyway, just taking it easy so I can slowly easy back into everything next week.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun, or did you too have a lazy day at home?

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Now that it's nearly fall I think it's time for a woodland collection. Woodland animals are garanteed to make for good items, but I came across some particulairly amazing ones this week.

Don't you just love the print on this shirt?

Stamps are lovely, especially when they're this beautiful and orginal.

Doesn't this skirt prove that deer just make stuff better?

Totes come in so handy, I use them all the time when I go to the post office. Would not mind walking the streets with the one below!

Is it just me or are acorns pretty much the best things about fall? This amazing jewelry comes in many many colors.

I love a unique salt and pepper shaker and I have to say these are definitely among the cutest I've seen.

Fall is the best time for knitting and the best time for owls, why not combine the two?

I love this print. It's such a nice fall piece, it's cute and I love the variety of trees in the background.

Saved maybe even the best for last. I am in love with this ring!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost

Someone recently told me I had to go see "Pina", the trailer seemed gorgeous, but somewhat odd as well. However I trusted her judgement and I went. The first few minutes were somewhat excentric, but after that I soon fell in love with the amazing way of filming, the sets, the music(take a listen to the song above!) and the overall magical vibe.

It's basically a collection of interviews and dance pieces that have been weaved together very fluently to make one marvelous film. Though I felt a tad bit uncomfortable at times(those dancers cross so many bounderies for the sake of the choreography), I came out of the cinema feeling very inspired. And not just to dance. Wim Wenders has created a unique minimalistic luxurious world for this film, that makes you want to cling onto as long you can.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Teeny Tiny Cameras

This has got to be the tiniest camera I've ever seen! It's a Ikimono analogue camera that works on 110 film.

It's tiny, it's adorable and the quality is quite good if you're into that nice analogue feel.

It comes in six different colors with six different animals. A fish, a bee, a cat, a ladybug, a hedgehog and a cute little squirrel. They say you get a random one, but they're all cute so I don't see any problem really.

And they're only $10! Granted, they are tiny and won't take the best pictures you've ever taken, but still, it's a pretty good deal, right?


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