Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! ...and an Update

First of all... I hope you're really enjoying Christmas! I know not everyone has big plans, but even a hint of Christmas can be enough to put you in that nice mood and have you enjoy the holiday a lot.

Also, I've been wanting do a tiny bit of explaining. If you're a regular follower you know I've been working on moving to my own place all year. It is finally nearly done. -And this time I really mean nearly, it actually looks like a home now. I have my bed made and everything!- But I needed this month to take care of the last errands. I'm guessing I won't do much blogging for the remainder of this year either, but I'm planning to be back with daily posts in 2014.
 I miss all of you, I miss writing about what I love and I definitely miss taking pictures too. If I can I'll whip up a post with what's in store for you if you continue to follow me next year, but now... I'm going back to join my mom on the couch and enjoy the rest of my last Christmas living with her.

Happy Holidays!


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