Sunday, October 9, 2011

Project catch-up

One of my October Goals was to show you some things I had knit or crocheted. So here they are.

This was a DNA scarf I knit for a friend. She has received it by now, so I can show you guys without spoiling the surprise. I had done cables once or twice before and felt quite confident I could get this one done. And I was glad to see it turn out well:)

I've also been crocheting and finished this cowl to match my grey coat(s). Initially the plan was to do a double row of buttons too, but I really liked it like this, so ended up not sewing the extra four.

Today I nearly finished the body of my very first knit sweater. I can not wait to see how it'll turn out. So far so good! It's a pattern I've been wanting to do for years, because it seemed like fun and because I absolutely adored the look of the sweater. More on this later...

In the meantime, tell me about your current projects!


  1. wow. these are beautiful! I like the single row of buttons, too. can't wait to see your sweater. xo

  2. Good job!! Can't wait to see how it turns out :)

  3. Great job! :D I love them! I also want to have a cowl that matches my wintercoat... Didn't find the perfect one yet...

  4. You make really, really lovely things! I love your perfectionism and understated chic.

  5. Awesome DNA scarf!!!!/MandyCrandell

  6. Thank you all! I'm glad to hear you like them:)

  7. The cowl and coat look amazing together ^.^ You've been so busy! <3

  8. These are FANTASTIC. You're super talented! I can't knit/sew/crochet to save my life, so consider me thoroughly impressed!

    Belly B :)


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