Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have one little black dress with a Peter Pan collar and although I love it to bits, it's not that clearly Peter Pan collar-y because it's all black. And since I really have a thing for those collars I would love love love some more clothes that had them.

It's one of those things that's cute on little girls, but also on women. You can't really grow out of them (or at least not that soon).

Hopefully they'll get in fashion some time soon, I haven't seen them in stores for ages. I guess I'll just have to make something with one of those lovely collars.

Or order them online.

This one is from xenosdesigns on etsy.

Just a Little Update

I just went to my favorite art supply store, unfortunately they're closing within a few months. The upside is they are having huge sales. I came back with a lot of lovely things, some I was planning on buying, others I just came across while browsing. I am really pleased and might show you some things this weekend.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you because I'm so excited about the supplies, I have great news, my creditcard came today so I'll be opening my etsy as soon as possible. I still have a few things to do beforehand, but I think it'll be taken care of soon enough.
I hope my camera will work with me. I had a few problems, but I'm hoping to still take some more pictures to put up there.


  1. Love the little red gingham shirt. Too cute.

  2. love love love !
    i've been lusting over those collars for months now . they're sososo lovely <3

  3. aww i so love the double collars! its adorable!


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