Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pretty Pictures

Since I start art school today and it is a Wednesday, it would make perfect sense to show you some paintings, but instead of paintings, I have some pictures for you today. I came across this girl who was asking people to vote for her in an artist competition just a few minutes ago. It only took one click and no subscribing or anything, so it was easily done.

17-year-old Marianna Fierro was only bitten by the photography bug 2 years ago and has been taking some lovely pictures since then.

She is now competing for Artist Wanted, which has a great panel of judges, may I add, including: actor and director Steve Buscemi and director Chris Weitz ("Golden Compass" and "Twilight: New Moon")

If you'd like to vote as well, just go here and click on the star you think is right, preferably the fifth of course.

Oh, and one more thing, competition is only open for 18 more hours.


Thank you for your comments, they really make my day!


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