Friday, January 15, 2010


Even though I don't usually wear a watch anymore(, although I have periods when I do everyday) I love them and have a small collection. Most of them cheap though. With the exception of the Swatch I bought a few months back, I had my eyes on one with little dangling monsters but decided the baby pink and blue just weren't right for me so I got this one instead.

This is probably the most I'll ever spend on a watch, since I normally don't exceed 15 bucks or so. But if I ever do top that big time, I'd spend it on a Mr Jones Watch (ok, or an owl one. But that's a whole other topic, which will come too, of course).

These watches go for anywhere between $139 and $185 and that's why I think they'll always remain a dream for me. Nevertheless, they are really cool. The one above has an image that shows what people do on what time in an average day.

This one is called "the decider" and switches between yes and no every second. So if you can't decide, just see what your watch says.

The last one I'd like to show you is the "Cyclops". Instead of the usual hands, it just has one circle that shifts over different colored dots. Not that accurate, but still awesome.

They also have one with a different mantra for every hour, one that says "remember, you will die" and limited editions.


  1. thank you for following me!!!
    post script- those watches are so cool!!

  2. The Mr Jones watch is cool :).
    And I love the undies in the previous post, they're very cute!

  3. i'm not much of a watch person either, but i really like these. very different from the watches i've seen and super fun. thank you for the sweet comment. xx

  4. I rarely wear my watch but do love it. The one you got is gorgeous :)

  5. >Thank you too, Danica, for following mine.
    >And the clock you have on your banner of your blog, Ducks Like Tea, is very cute too.
    >You're welcome. And thanks for commenting back again here;)
    >Thanks. I'm very pleased with it too:)


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