Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great Reads

Ok, this isn't really a book you can read, it's more pages and pages full of eye candy. "In the Land of Retinal Delights" is really a report of a Juxtapoz art show at the Laguna Art Museum. Even though I've had the pleasure of going there a few times, Laguna Beach isn't exactly a place I pass by a lot. Had I known it had such great exhibitions I would've looked into it sooner.

To be honest I'm already thrilled I got my hands on the book. Usually art books, especially on Low Brow art, are way out of my budget. They are expensive, because they are not that popular and often come in limited editions. The upside is, they sometimes go on sale, because not that many people care enough to buy them. This one was less than a third of the original price, lucky me!

It is filled with art from some of my favorite painters as well as ones I was unfamiliar with. Every painting is by another artist, which is great, cause I got acquainted with so many new ones. I won't go into details so I'll still have lots of artists left to show you on Wednesdays, where I have room for lots of pictures. What I can tell you is that "the Creatrix" by Mark Ryden is in it, which would be reason enough to buy the book.

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