Sunday, January 17, 2010

Favorite Videos

I love YouTube, there's just so much on there, I'll never get bored. There are some videos I really love and I thought I could put them up on some Sundays.

This first one I found when I first got into YouTube. It has gotten a lot of response and has been watched half a million times, but I figured you might not have seen it yet. So watch and enjoy:

I love this little video, the music, that it's not to long and not to short and that it's weird in a cute way. It's just great.


  1. lol. how silly. that really is a cute video. i like the music that goes with it. xx

  2. PS I love the name of your blog, I really love owls. And I just spent like 5minplaying with the fish. Anyways, you have a cute blog.


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