Friday, January 22, 2010

Just a Little Update

As you might have guessed I've been really busy. Wednesday afternoon was my first art class and even though it was more of an introduction and a chance to meet a few of my classmates, I had a great time and I have a feeling this course will be amazing. I've only talked to a few people, but they all seem really nice. We were divided into two groups and it will stay that way throughout the course, so I'm not sure if I'll really get a chance to know the other group.

Tomorrow will be the first "real" day of classes, where we'll actually draw and I believe it involves compostion, I'm so excited!

Yesterday, I went to the craft store for some more supplies for my etsy, they also had buttons on sale and I got a few tubes, including some really cute vintage buttons. All that's left really is waiting for that creditcard to arrive.

So, Today. I went to a museum. The exhibition was about the Russian court and had clothes (beautiful gowns!) as well as paintings. After that, my mom and I pretty much cleaned out the entire gift store. I would never have thought you could do some serious shopping in those, but it is possible, I found that out last time and I think this might become a new tradition. I got postcards and magnets and a lovely notebook (I know, I have a serious addiction to them) which has a blank page for sketching on the left and a ruled page on the right, isn't that awesome? There was one painting that looked like a drag queen, so I bought one magnet for myself and one for a gay friend of mine who'll probably get a laugh out of it too.

I also got a chance to visit a paper store and get some supplies there as well, not for my store, but just for art purposes, such as big drawing paper I needed, on sale. To top things of I found a book I was missing from a comic book series.

It has been a great day and there's another one waiting for me tomorrow. Hope you are having a great time too!


  1. I have such a weakness for vintage buttons, but then I never use them because nothing is ever good enough for them.

    Drag queens from a museum store? Everyone would be getting that for next Christmas!

  2. oh ! an art class ! how exciting :D
    haha i always buy a lot in musuem gift shops too . my mom and i always like to get a book of some sort .. and they always seem to have these cute little japanese erasers :D


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