Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Owl Things Considered

Yes, it is time for my own owls, the ones I made a little over a week ago and have mentioned a few times. I was planning on making an owl for a long time, but was always waiting till I could go to the craftstore and buy sew-on eyes. Eventually I had enough of waiting and decided to make them with material I did have, and just started to crochet.

I made the big one first.
In the middle of crocheting I stopped to make eyes out of felt, thread, permanent marker and glitter glue. It turned out better than I hoped and really gave him more of a personality than fake eyes would have done.

I hope it's not silly to still give stuffed animal a name, I probably should've grown out of that ages ago. Well if it's silly, at least I gave them silly names to match.

The big one is called Mercator, which is latin for salesperson/seller. Why? I haven't got a clue, but it seems to fit.

I used the same color felt for the beak and the insides of the wings (;that's what the weird picture above is showing). You can really shape the wings in different positions, I love that. And they stay like that until you move them again, I didn't think they'd be firm enough, but they hold quite well.

I made the small one last, with the same material except for one kind of yarn (I used two strands for both), I picked a lighter one since baby owls tend to be lighter. I thought he should be fatter and have his eyes closed. I called him Calabash because of his shape.

They have such great shapes, although they are both completely different, they both have a tummy and a cute little butt.

I already made a different kind of owl, but it's still an idea that needs to be worked out more. I'm planning on putting them on my etsy, when I feel I've got the hang of it. And when I finally get that creditcard. It should be here any day now, hopefully. I can't wait!

I might make one of these owls for my etsy too (probably the baby), maybe in a different color, I still have to try some other things out...

Oh, one more thing! I start my 3-month art school course tomorrow. I am so excited! I feel things are coming together again. December was such a weird month, everything that was going great fell of track. Before the holidays came I stopped eating chocolate and was exercising an hour a day, doing exercises with weights, stretching and some other stuff. Not to lose weight, but to gain energy, although losing weight might be a side affect, of course. Then the holidays came, and the flu, and I started eating more candy and quitting on my program. On top of that my computer isn't working so I lost my workout-playlist on iTunes. But...
I started again yesterday! And have already done it again today. So I feel I'm getting back on track again. I hope I can keep it up when I'm starting school again; I'll try my best!


  1. your owls are adorable. i can't believe their home-made!

    i'm glad to hear things are going well for you. do you plan to blog about your art projects? it would be awesome if you could share those with us!

  2. these are too, too neat. i love 'em. i want to make my own now. xx

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments. I will definitely keep on posting projects, I might one day do a tutorial too. But the thing with crocheting is that I kind of freestyle, I do write it down, but in my own weird way...
    Maybe, one day, we'll see :)


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