Saturday, May 31, 2014

Looking back on May

May seemed to alternate between winter encores and summer previews. While I was still red from my sunburn the weather had changed to grey, cold, windy and very wet. I did anything from knitting to eating ice cream.

  • I got creative and discovered a delicious new salad due to a nearly empty fridge.
  • Went to see a few Studio Ghibli movies, including one that was new to me.
  • Started actively developing a few new habits.
  • Finished my second spinning project after a year-long spinning hiatus.
  • Picked up cross-stitching again.
  • Finally visited this awesome bookstore that I first heard of 10 years ago.
  • Added gold and silver moons, and sloths and koalas to my shop.
  • Went to free comic book day.
  • And had a pigeon visitor seeking refuge from the heavy rain. We hung out for about an hour.

How was your month? Did you do anything fun?

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  1. 10 years after you heard from it? Well done! :) :) Sounds like a good may.


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