Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spinning: Charcoal Raspberry

It has been almost two years since I shared my first spinning project with you. I mentioned then that I was working on another one. I'm both embarrassed and proud to announce that that second project is now finally finished!

The reason it took so long was mostly that my first venture into plying turned out to be quite frustrating and complicated and I felt I needed help, yet waited ages to ask for it. But I recently had my spinning sensei over...

It was still kinda messy, but he helped me untangle it. Afterwards I wound it, tied it together, soaked it, rinsed it and, when it was dry, I wound it into a little ball. I now have about 100 yards of lace weight handspun yarn!

It's not a whole lot, but I could still turn it into something nice. Maybe a tiny summer scarf or perhaps some sort of hat if I'm lucky. We shall see. For now, I think I'll just keep it like this, look at it and weigh my options.

Or maybe you will think of something awesome that I haven't even considered yet... Any ideas?

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