Saturday, May 24, 2014

Current Nails

Would this have looked better if I had used a proper dotting tool? Probably. And probably a lot. But I still loved this style. Besides, hands tend to be busy creatures that move around a lot. It didn't bother me much till I saw the picture.

I love this semi-holographic topcoat by the way. It shimmers not only in greens and blues, but also has a lot of purple if you hold it up to the light in a certain angle. I love that! And it made the whole theme feel very "galaxy" to me.

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  1. I like your nails posts. They look abstract, and I too love glittery polishes for a 'galaxy' effect. I often use green glitter with stars topcoat and call it a 'green galaxy'. I used to mess up on my dots until my boyfriend made me use a dotting tool he had around the house (he and his dad do a lot of crafts)


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