Friday, May 23, 2014

Lovely Movies: Any Day Now

This was actually very heartbreaking. But it was also beautiful, and, yes, lovely. Or so it was for the most part. It's about a wonderful family that comes together through unfortunate events, but breaks apart in an even sadder way.

However, there is so much love in this film. So much unconditional love. And also just a lot of fun scenes that make you laugh or feel all warm and fuzzy. The acting was amazing! And Alan Cumming, so sweet and... just radiant!

Anyway, if you're looking for a feel good film, save this for another day. Do, however, watch it. Enjoy the happy parts, be outraged because of the sad parts, and thankful that there has been change since the 70's! Maybe we are not quite there yet, but we've come a long way. And it's good that there are films like this to remind us and keep us on track.


  1. I havent even heard of this but I really want to go and see it! It's on my list, thanks!

  2. oh I don't mind a tragic story, thanks for the heads up, sounds like something I will enjoy (maybe enjoy is the wrong word here!)

  3. I'm in love already. Alan Cumming is always amazing.


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