Thursday, May 15, 2014

King's Day Loot

I think I mentioned it was King's Day recently -yes, the same as Queen's Day, but we now happen to have a King-, such a great holiday! Of course this meant lots of cheap shopping, so I'm here to show you what loot I came home with!

I got more clothing -most will pop up in outfit posts-… but these two were €3 each! The super long dress is fantastic! I mean you could get married in that thing, it's that amazing! Also, dvds! Half creepy, half Disney. Perfect!

Doing jigsaws is very underrated these days. It is so much fun and it so addictive! I forgot about it for a while, but finding this beautiful Tarepanda puzzle made me get back into it again. I started right away!

Most of the merchandise is second hand on King's Day, however there are some people with either handmade things or brand new stuff. These combine the two. All natural and they smell so good! So a nice unexpected treasure.

Also handmade is this beautiful necklace. I got a few others as well, but they'll probably pop up in outfit posts sooner or later, so I'm just showing you one today. Isn't it adorable, though? The black beads even have confetti glitter!

The last thing, though the very first purchase that day, is a bunch of yarn. It's a linen/cotton-blend, if I'm not mistaken. And I love those colors! Can't wait to think of a summer project and start knitting!

As you can see it was day well spent. I always love this holiday, but every time it's over I find myself very glad that it's only once a year, because it's so exhausting as well. But it's so very worth it too!

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  1. Wish we had a holiday like that in the US...I imagine it'd be like a huge yard sale!

    I've actually wanted to get back into puzzles lately, as I recently helped my boyfriend's dad complete an elvis one! I want to get some cute ones!


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