Saturday, May 10, 2014

Birthday Gifts

More than three weeks after the fact, but here I am, finally ready to post about my birthday gifts. Believe it or not, but there are still some late gifts to be received, so I might even have to do a smaller second post. But first...

This pretty pastel pile was sent to me by a wonderful friend from overseas. She's the sweetest person with the best taste! Every gift is, without exception, wrapped like a dream and always holds something absolutely amazing!

All the wrapping paper was designed by Natalie L'Ete. I think every single gift had a different design. There was a lot of gorgeous stationary inside, including one planner by the same artist and some notebooks from Rifle Paper Co.

I also got some things that I'm sure will make -or already have made- an appearance on the blog. Book post will follow! But I just had to show you these adorable mints as well. They are so incredibly delicious, I could hardly believe it!

During the weekend my friend came over with a cute Easter floral arrangement, which happened to match her outfit perfectly! Anyway, it brightened up my living room for quite some time and I'll see if I can revive the bulbs next spring.

A little while ago I had a tiny nail polish party with another friend, so on my birthday she surprised me with some lovely OPIs. These colors hold so many possibilities as far as combinations and designs go...

Onto my mom… She gave me something totally unexpected, but completely amazing! I think I literally screamed when I saw this little suitcase. My dad sat there utterly confused by my reaction. It was pretty funny seeing his face like that.

In it were a couple of lovely little gifts. Including dvd, some kitchen utensils -that sounds horrible, I know, but they were pink and I'm really happy with them!- and some fun post-its. Also, she helped me out with a microphone! Which deserves a post of its own...

So yeah, that's my big birthday post! I'm really happy with all the lovely things and sweet notes I received. And if you're reading this and recognize something you gave me. Thank you very much, yet again!


  1. ah yay, I love seeing birthday posts, so funny because I literally just finished editing my birthday haul post for tomorrow :) Such perfect gifts you received - I love the wrapping papers on the first guys!


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