Friday, May 30, 2014

Lovely Movies: Porco Rosso

There are currently a lot of Studio Ghibli movies in this one theater. I was hoping to see all of them, but I'm sad to say I missed a lot and will probably miss the rest. I did, however, finally manage to see Porco Rosso. It was wonderful!

It's at once the weirdest and most normal Studio Ghibli film. Of course the premise of a pilot being cursed to take the shape of a pig, yes, a flying pig, is already pretty crazy. But when watching you kinda take that for granted.

It's just an entertaining film about male egos, silly bets and one stubborn yet amazing teenage girl that doesn't care what anyone thinks about her and just pursues her goals no matter what. Now how's that for a role model?


  1. Ah I haven't seen this studio Ghibli one - that teenage girl sounds kick arse though!

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