Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mixed Shelf #7

I'm suddenly reading a lot of books at once. Perhaps too many, but new things keep catching my eye. My latest one is a really fast read though though. Perhaps it will help me finish the rest too, so I can start something new yet again...

Wanting: Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan
This is pretty much a book about books. But not quite so simple as there's this mysterious air about the bookshop in this story. People come in to check out this special selection of strange books. So much so, that it catches the attention of the new employee and he decides to go and investigate what is really going on in this 24-hour bookstore.

Reading: Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple
This is something different. And I mean really different. I've not read anything like it. It did take some getting used to, but now I am thoroughly enjoying this story. It's made up of all these emails tied together by the main character's daughter's narrative. It is strange, it is exciting and it includes human and flawed people. Can't wait for the ending!

Waiting: Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger
Having not yet read The Time Traveller's Wife, I wasn't really planning on buying this book. But for about 30 cents on King's Day, I just had to pick it up. It seems like more my cup of tea than the former book anyway. I love me some gothic stories about twins. Strange maybe, but it's just something so intriguing.

          Did you give any of these mildly hyped books a shot? Also, as always, new recommendations are welcome!


  1. I'd been wanting to read the first but never got around to it! I enjoyed Where'd You Go Bernadette, though that took some getting used to for me because I'm from Seattle so my own opinion of all the mentions kept getting in the way and I had to keep in mind the book is fiction ;). I recently started posting my reads on the blog too, this reminds me that I have some more to cover! Will be checking in to see what you're reading!

  2. Hey! I'm glad I found you again! You used to follow my blog way back in the day when it was "a sight to be seen". I have a new blog now if your like to get in touch again! xo danica

  3. I read penumbra and thought it was ok... the cover glows in the dark tho so that's awesome! I have the Bernadette one but haven't started it... and started the niffeneggar but didn't enjoy it and gave up on it! am looking forward to hearing what you think!x

  4. Audrey Niffenegger's books are fantastic. I love both TTTW and HFS to death. She is so good at describing male characters, and her dialog is fantastic as well. She's def on my top3 authors!
    And she mentions Vivienne Westwood, punk and coffee a lot in her books, so that, well, awesome.

  5. yes! where'd you go bernadette is awesome! i hope you love it!


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