Sunday, June 1, 2014

Plans & Goals: June

I'm hoping for a very calm and relaxing month because I need it. Of course I hope to still do some fun things as well, but I really need some time to recuperate from whatever it was that wore me out last month. In June I'd like to:

  • Dress up in nice loungewear, like these fleece pants with owl print!
  • Get back into Harry Potter. And hopefully finish the series this time around.
  • Finish some sort of cross-stitch project.
  • Shorten the ridiculously long list of books I'm currently reading.
  • Pick up some graphic novels again.
  • Cast on a summer project with either silk or cotton yarn.
  • Do another jigsaw puzzle.
  • Marathon the crap out of some tv-shows.
  • And finally see The Grand Budapest Hotel.

What are you hoping to get done this June? Or are you taking it easy too?


  1. you NEED to see budapest hotel! and all the other plans sound perfect!

  2. I second you need to see grand budapest hotel, it's maybe my favourite wes anderson film so far :)

  3. Yes, The Grand Budapest Hotel is worth a watch :)
    I've been meaning to re-read the Harry Potter series... And I've recently been watching Party of Five on Netflix lol.
    Sounds like a good June to me!


Thank you for your comments, they really make my day!


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