Friday, September 16, 2011

Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost

Someone recently told me I had to go see "Pina", the trailer seemed gorgeous, but somewhat odd as well. However I trusted her judgement and I went. The first few minutes were somewhat excentric, but after that I soon fell in love with the amazing way of filming, the sets, the music(take a listen to the song above!) and the overall magical vibe.

It's basically a collection of interviews and dance pieces that have been weaved together very fluently to make one marvelous film. Though I felt a tad bit uncomfortable at times(those dancers cross so many bounderies for the sake of the choreography), I came out of the cinema feeling very inspired. And not just to dance. Wim Wenders has created a unique minimalistic luxurious world for this film, that makes you want to cling onto as long you can.


  1. The first photograph captured my heart.
    Dancing is what happens when music makes love to light!

    I adore <3

    hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

  2. Cute blog! I just found you through Stuff You'll Love!

  3. Great blog!!! :-)
    I love those photos!!!

  4. Awesome (: I love it when people are good dancers.

  5. P.S.: Mag ik je linken op mijn site? (:

  6. I'll have to check this out!!/MandyCrandell

  7. I'd never even heard of Pina until now, but watching the trailer I've definitely seen photographs form the movie over the internet. It looks fabulous, I'll definitely have to look it up!

    <3 Deanna
    Barefoot Love


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