Thursday, September 1, 2011

Plans and Goals: September

  • Get my first fisheye pictures developed.
  • Do my first sponsorship posts.
  • Find a place for this and fill it with lovely trinkets and things.
  • Do a bunch of giveaways on different blogs(I have a few planned!)
  • Finish some of the books I've been reading so I can start reading Jane Eyre this autumn(I saved it up especially for the colder weather).
  • Reveal my new owl design.
  • Share all the lovely movies I've seen in the past few months.
  • And even though the August Break is over: keep posting lots of pictures:)
And this time hopefully actually:
  • Organize the house.
  • Take new Etsy pictures.
  • Set up a way to scan analogue pictures.

Though I didn't complete most of my August goals, the whole thing did help me stay more focused, and I am proud to say that not only did I finish the knitting project I was hoping to do, I crocheted some things too!

If you're doing monthly goals too I hope you got to cross most of your list! Feel free to share any September goals with me in the comments:)


  1. finish some books I haven't gotten the chance- is big on my list- organize the office it on there too.

  2. Really glad I found your blog. I love the owl in your banner - is that yours?

    For September my goals are: (1) to try at least one new recipe a week (to encourage me to do more home cooking for my 14 month-old son, to introduce him to yummy, healthy new tastes), (2) to write my blog regularly and (3) to finish a piece of (non-blog) writing I've been working on.

    Looking forward to seeing your new owl design!


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