Thursday, September 29, 2011

Till the Morning

Lately I've been waking up early, not because of an alarm clock, but just because I do. And I have to say, I've grown to love mornings. Each morning I sit in the same spot, watch the sun slide through the sky until it's right before my window, and listen to amazing music.

It always creates a special vibe, and today felt like this. Hope you'll like it!



  1. I've never been one for mornings but then again I've never had a great view to look at from across my coffee cup. Maybe I'll start to like them when I get my own house with a nook to look out a big beautiful window in the morning lol.

    -Amber P.

  2. I've always loved mornings - they can be the best time of day!

    I feel a little differently about them since having a baby as I'm always praying I'll get enough sleep before he wakes up! Basically if he makes it through till 6am, I'm delighted! When we went on holiday to France this year we saw all the beautiful sunrises over the sea together.

  3. May you always wake up to a perfect day! Happy weekend!


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