Friday, September 30, 2011

Looking back on September

Some lovely things have happened this month! Here's a little recap.

  • This amazing panda drink came from the Japanese store(of course!), it tasted pretty good actually.
  • I did an interview, with the amazing new band "And the Giraffe"
  • Not only did I meet Neil Gaiman who drew me a mouse, I have now also met David Sedaris who drew me an elephant!
  • I made a new owl design and am giving one away(still time to enter!).
  • There was an amazing Cat Party on Papersparrow, where I did a guest post and partook in the giveaway.
  • The most amazing dress ever was delivered to me.
  • I sent out and received lots of packages.
  • And I started doing "mood posts" with music and photographs I find inspiring.
  • It was the first time I did sponsor introductions and updates.
  • And I also received a fabulous handmade necklace!


  1. ooooh show us the elephant! David Sedaris is hilarisch - nu sinterklaas eraan komt laat ik Ozzies YT filmpje van 6 to 8 Black Men zien.

  2. Nice idea to recap the month. September is also the month I discovered your blog and I have become quite addicted!

  3. an elephant? I love DS :) I still can't believe September is all over.


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