Monday, September 26, 2011

This has to be...

Isn't this the most beautiful dress you've ever seen? And I am proud to say I'm its owner! When I spotted it on Etsy I knew I had to have it, and now, a little while later, I do.

It came from this amazing shop called Fancy Clothing (or necessityisthemother). It is full of amazing, one of a kind handmade dresses made from vintage, often repurposed materials. And they're all very well made by a lovely lady!

The collar is too pretty to spoil with a necklace, so I figured I needed another accessory and it probably doesn't come as a surprise that I immediately started a little project of my own and made a headband to match!

I can not wait to wear this combination somewhere!


  1. That is a pretty dress!! & I love that headband as well:)

  2. It is really pretty! Great colours! I can totally see why it's a favourite, it looks so cute! :) x

  3. It is just beautiful! I love the headband too. I will definitely be checking out that shop...

  4. that really is a lovely dress. The headband will look just lovely xx

  5. So pretty! i love it. xo

  6. It's an amazing dress. Great thrift! And I think the combination with the headband is absolutely lovely (: I'm jealous!

  7. oh yes! The dress is definitely gorgeous! You must feel really pretty when you wear it! :)


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