Wednesday, September 28, 2011

With Scarves of Red

I didn't really used to do a lot of outfit post, but lately I've been thinking that perhaps I should. Also, I was kinda loving this little ensemble.

I really love weird pants! The shinier the better really. I should some day show you my collection, or I'll just post them like this every once in a while.

The t-shirt is one I'd been eyeing for a while, when I was ordering anyway it suddenly got on sale for 5 bucks and I couldn't resist. Too bad customs thought it appropriate to charge me an extra 20...

The nail polish is the other one I got from Clare. It came in the cutest bottle and works really well! I only needed one coat to get this amazingly bright and flawless nail-do. I was very impressed! Isn't it awesome?
Thanks again Clare!


  1. Gorgeous outfit! I love red & grey. In fact, I'm loving bright red with unusual colours at the moment, like duck-egg blue or peach... Do post more outfits, it's fun!

  2. Cool pants! I used to have a silver pair!!/MandyCrandell

  3. I love your tshirt! super cute! and I am always a fan of red nails. :) x

  4. Cute outfit and those pants are so cool. I've never seen shiny pants asides from those crazy shiny leggings from American Apparel. I have problem resisting great sales too it sucks though that customs charged you $20. It's crazy how cheap it is to ship small stuff but as soon as you want it delivered quickly or with a notice it cost more than the item itself.

    -Amber P.

  5. Hee dat shirt heb ik ook! Hij is leuk :)
    Ik was vandaag gaan kijken welke kleuren crackle nailpolish ze nou allemaal hadden bij die ene winkel en toen hadden ze alleen nog maar een soort rare bruinoranje! Maar ik kijk volgende week wel weer of ze terug zijn. Zullen we dan de maandag daarna (10 oktober) afspreken?

  6.'re so pretty! Even though you're quite headless here, I can tell! And you are so welcome for the polish! It goes perfectly with the fancy animal scarves and hats! ^.^


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