Friday, October 31, 2014

In the Mail… for Halloween!

Halloween always seemed wonderful to me! Unfortunately, my country does nothing about it... However, a very dear friend of mine sent me a whole bunch of amazing things from the United States so I could celebrate anyway!

Of course that means there's some candy involved... And it was all delicious and chocolate-y! I received marshmallow Jack-O-Lanterns, chocolate ghosts, and these amazing little chocolates, some of which were even orange-flavored!

I also burned an amazing smelling candle. Pumpkin-spicy-Fall-goodness is floating all through my living room!

I couldn't dress up and go trick or treating, of course, but all these items definitely gave me that Halloween-feel!

Are you going door-to-door tonight? If you have a costume, leave it in the comments, I'm always curious! And I hope you'll have a wonderful Halloween! Even if it's a makeshift one at home, like me, because those are awesome too!


  1. those halloween things look awesome! i would love my room to spell like pumpkin spice all day too *__*

    my house is having a halloween party right now and there's this person dressed as a ghost bridge who keeps walking past our corridor on our floor and NONE of us knows who she is! we're thinking she must be an actual ghost hahaha

    1. ghost BRIDE not bridge hahaha it'd be quite difficult to dress as a bridge, much more a ghost bridge

  2. Aww, these are very lovely gifts! Hope you managed to have a lovely Halloween :)
    I dressed up as the other mother from Coraline which was very fun!


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