Thursday, October 30, 2014

Looking Back on October

This was the first month of proper Fall. It's getting colder. In fact, I don't find myself spending time outside for fun anymore. The season of impromptu walks is definitely over. But in it's place come cozy days at home.

  • reviewed a wonderful Kawaii Box!
  • And am giving one away. Yes, you can still join!
  • Tracked down a book I almost missed out on. (I'm sure I'll elaborate soon.)
  • Went to Stephen Fry's live cinema event.
  • Attended a local animal charity fundraiser.
  • Had a lot of medical appointments, for both me and the cat.
  • Got a quirky plushie in the mail.
  • Tried out a cute little lunchroom to celebrate a friend's birthday.
  • And received some amazing Autumnal gifts myself, from another dear friend. (More on that very soon!)

How are you handling the change of the seasons? Any exciting/cozy plans for Fall?


  1. A Stephen Fry event? That sounds awesome!

    Oh man, medical appointments? :( I hope you and your cat are okay!!

    Fall has been amazing so far (when it isn't raining, anyway) and I just love being able to watch the seasons change :3

  2. I'm lovin' the change of season more than ever! Sounds like you had a great month :)

  3. My plans for tonight include carving a pumpkin and making a little buffet :) Kawaii box! I'll have to check that out right now! xxx


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