Sunday, October 19, 2014

My New Phone!

As mentioned, I finally caved when I found a smartphone that seemed good and happened to be crazy cheap. I figured it didn't have to be super pretty as I could customize it anyway. And so the day it arrived I ordered myself a cute case.

Isn't it adorable? And I also ordered an earphone jack plug with a bunny and an ice cream cone, which happens to have the same pink cheeks as the girl on the cell phone case. You can't even imagine the joy that gives me!

As for the actual phone… it's a Sony Xperia M and I'm loving it so far. The quality of the screen is really impressive, the sound is nice and the pictures are quite good (not great, but way more decent than I was expecting). But my favorite thing is...

The fairytale background! This blew my mind! Not only is it a panorama shot that slides over five menus, it also changes with time. The trees stay the same, but the animals change. Sometimes Little Red Riding Hood shows up.

Occasionally there are even moving things. Like swimming ducks or turtles. And… as it gets darker outside in real life, the forest on my phone does so too! Consider my mind blown. This alone was almost worth the purchase.


  1. yay, congrats on getting a smartphone! that bunny earphone plug is insanely cute, i had an iphone case with that rabbit on it too! the background that changes along with the time of the day is really cool as well!!

  2. Aw the case is cute! I need to update my case myself, I love cute cases but I only have two boring ones for my phone.

  3. that fairytale background sounds so cool!! Mine is just a boring rainbow haha well, it seems boring now after reading about yours :P congrats on the new phone!! :)


  4. The fairytale background is very cool and suits too very well. The phone cover is gorgeous

  5. What a cute phone! I love the cast you got for it, and how all the little details match! The live forest background is awesome too!

    I was inspired by your post to upload old photos I had of how I customized my phone, here's the link:

  6. Congratulations on the new phone; it looks great! And the case is even more adorable. Smartphones nowadays are really amazing. They have so many entertaining features and are really user-friendly. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us. Cheers!

    Allen Fernandez @ 1300EasyDial


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