Saturday, November 1, 2014

Review: eShakti

Have you ever had a garment made to fit you? I never had, so when eShakti askes me to review a tailor-made dress of my choice, I didn't even have to think about it! Today I will show you the dress, and share my thoughts on it too.

There was so much to choose from! But I ended up picking this aubergine dress with an asymmetrical collar. One of eShakti's other perks is that you can customize it, and I went with 3/4 sleeves and a skirt that stops below the knee.

Since the dress was completely custom-made, I was already expecting the sewing to be done by a real person. There are a few areas where it shows it's handmade, but that only gives it character. The stitching is actually very even!

The fabric is different from what I expected. It's a light, slightly stiff cotton. However, it turned out to be warmer than I expected. So I can still wear it in the Fall! And it also grew more and more comfortable the longer I had it on.

One of the things I love most about this dress -apart from the obvious, like color and design- is the fact that is has pockets. And so beautifully lined up next to the pleats! Most dresses I own don't have pockets, so this is a real asset!

Above the pockets is a the little belt that's attaches to the front.It helps give the back such a nice silhouette, while not being tight on the stomach at all. So it's a perfect dress for dinner parties, or even Thanksgiving!

Now this isn't an issue as long as you have it on, but the dress is what I refer to as a "garment-not-fit-for-single-ladies", because it is quite hard to get out of without the help of someone else. Not impossible, but it's slightly scary and more time consuming than most clothes.
   Now I don't expect all their dresses to have this problem. (I think it's caused by a combination of the cut, fabric and my own measurements.) But if I could change anything about my particular dress, that would definitely be it.

Final Verdict

I'm happy! The dress fits nicely and is comfortable. You can tell someone paid attention to all the wonderful little details. I kind of missed feeling the fabric like I would in real stores, but that's not such a big sacrifice, when in return I got to customize the entire thing. Ordering was super easy! I really liked that you only needed to insert your measurements and click an illustration of the sleeve or skirt length. And eShakti took care of everything from then on.


If you are an American or Canadian lady with tricky measurements that aren't found in shops, eShakti would be a real treasure! It's also a great website for bridesmaids' dresses, as you could get the same dress to fit all your friends, or pick a basic fit and color and have all your bridesmaids take their pick from necklines, sleeves and skirt lengths.

You can also find eShakti on:

P.S. eShakti sent me the dress to review, but also encouraged me to review it as I pleased. So all opinions are my own.


  1. it is such a beautiful dress!

  2. What a stunning dress, love the design and colour too ;) Am glad you loved it, looks great. I hope you have a great week xx


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