Friday, May 21, 2010

Lovely Movies

Wicker Park is a really weird story about lost loves and deceit. It's a really fascinating thriller, but it's also nice and slow. Even though the story is different, it reminded me a lot of the movie "Match Point".

What always strikes me as odd is when a character has the same name as one of the actors. Josh Hartnett plays Matthew, but his best friend is played by Matthew Lillard. Isn't that weird? But I guess it fits, since the movie is weird too.

Catch a glimpse here:

Just a Little Update

This must be my lucky week on Etsy, because I have just made my second treasury of the week.
The theme this time is "Mint Dream" and I chose a collection of dreamy looking items and art all in mint green. Below is a small screen capture, but you can see the real one here.

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