Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pretty Paintings

Another cute and creepy art post, although even do I guess they could be considered cute I don't think they are.
Yes, KuKula's girls are all dolled up and have that baby like quality, but they also seem a little soulless. Apart from that I think they're the Lady Gaga version of Audrey Kawasaki's work.

I know this might sound really negative, but I do quite like it, it's just that I prefer the "soul to be cute" and the rest to be creepy. This is completely the other way around. I hope I still makes sense.

Now onto why I do like it. What I noticed right off the bat are the colors and that most of her work is painted on wood. And I love that even though it's quite translucent it still has depth.

As you can see on the painting above she even included an owl. Which is pretty much enough to win me over.

If you go through her gallery you can see that her shows are really cohesive, maybe a bit too much. She really sticks to the same colors and subjects, and basically all of her shows include girls with the same hairstyle as well as that slightly tilted position of the head (you might have noticed that in all these five paintings). However, when you take a closer look at each painting individually, they do seem very different and don't get boring at all.

This last piece is one of my favorites, mainly because I adore that snail. And I also love the suitcase with the tea set.

This is probably my least positive post so far, but I guess you just can't love everything equally. Art's just a matter of personal taste. Again, there's a huge part that does appeal to me. And I think that the more I'll see it the more I'll learn to love it.


  1. This is my favourite illustrations too! they're so unique & lovely! xx

  2. I'm a major Audrey fan... so it seems a little plagiaristic [if that's even a word!] for my liking. Although very cute I must add.

  3. Wow these are...

    *unsure of the right word*

  4. oh my gosh these are beautiful !


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