Friday, May 14, 2010

Lovely Movies

My taste in movies, just like in music, is really broad. And even though this one appealed to me, I totally understand that weird and slow Japanese movies aren't for everyone.

The story sounds like one written by Murakami(an author of really weird but very good Japanese novels), but is actually based on a manga. And it's a pretty simple concept: an inflatable sex doll comes to life.

Even though she was made for that purpose, the sex you see in this movie is quite limited, which must have been dissapointing for the large amount of single middle aged perverts at the cinema.
But apart from that, it's not exactly a cute movie. Guessing from the trailer I thought it'd just be slow, sweet, beautifully filmed and a bit bizarre, so I was shocked when they went all blood and guts on us.

If you think you can handle that, I do recommend it. It was very good and the acting was superb. Sometimes I thought they were filming the doll when it was actually the actress.
It has a few flaws in it, some things that don't add up when you think about it, but considering the nature of the story I guess anything should be possible.

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