Thursday, May 27, 2010


Just when I was no longer craving chocolate like I used to here came this unique opportunity. A brand of chocolate is giving away bikes, purple bikes! But in order to win one you need to buy a chocolate bar and since they are only giving away 250 bikes(which still is a lot), you can buy 7 chocolate bars and get a bike for half the price.

Somehow our grocery store doesn't have their famous chocolate bars. (Not that it came as such a surprise, they always take the nicest things out of their stock.)

I am quite happy I cut down on chocolate, but I am really loving that bike, so we'll see what I'll do.
It would be so useful to me in art school because you can put so many bags or even canvases on it. And even if it wasn't more practical than my old bike, it still is way cuter.

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